About Us

Our history is really the American dream embodied. My Pest Management career started in 1996 and over the next 4 years right here in the Tampa Bay area treating lawns and diagnosing problems therein. In 2000 I was hired on at a family-based pest control company, in which I cut my teeth so to speak and honed my craft. In 2006, I took a job at the one the largest Pest Control companies in the world. In my nearly 8 years there, I studied and became a Florida State Certified Pest Control Operator in 3 disciplines.

In 2014 I decided to open this company; I had seen how larger companies seemed to have lost the art form of real customer service. It seemed to me then and now that while the importance of revenue is obvious, there are more important things than just money. Service is more that collections, service should be the best you can do, each time, know your customers and they know you. It should be more than spraying for bugs and leaving in 10 mins. Pest control is much much more than killing bugs, it is in the end about customer relations, and we strive for the utmost customer experience.

With 20 years’ experience in pest control in the Tampa Bay area, my commitment to you is to provide a QUALITY SERVICE where YOU really matter! Dead Bug Walking is here to SERVE you!