Flea Control

Fleas are a common and an annoying pest in Florida. Our hot and humid weather patterns with a large number of warm blooded animals in our state, form the perfect storm for Flea issues. It is crucial to know a couple of facts regarding fleas and ticks, they are both exclusively blood feeders. They typically focus in on our pets. However, before we blame Rover, understand that the family pet is usually not the true culprit, rather they are the scapegoat of a much larger issue. The true culprit is generally the exterior of your home, and more specifically what is passing through your lawn that you don’t see. On any given day or night warm blooded animals like rodents, birds, opossums, squirrels, raccoons, bats, humans, and of course our beloved pets will pass through. Once fleas and ticks feed on blood they drop off and digest the meal and then seek other sources to feed on. Since fleas and ticks are such prolific breeders it doesn’t take much effort for them to enter our homes. Therefore, a treatment plan for fleas and ticks is a multi-step process, involving extensive inside treatment, taking the pet to the vet or groomer to be professionally treated, and lastly the lawn treated by your lawn company. Ideally, all are done on the same day.

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