Pest Control Folklore

Common Myths and Misconceptions aka Pest Control Folklore

We believe strongly that Pest Management is more than killing bugs, we believe an informed, educated customer is the better way to do business. The following is a list of common misconceptions and myths in the industry. We strive for real transparency, this business is important to know the truth! As new myths are discovered we plan to continually keep you abreast of them.

  1. Every pest sighting is because I am “dirty”: Absolutely False! You may be led to believe this, but in Florida pests are a reality. The truth is this; an unclean environment can perpetuate or exacerbate an issue. however, roaches, ants, fleas or rodents don’t materialize out of thin air. They are invaders from the outside (thru a crack, crevice, garage door, open window or some other opening) or brought in our homes (via products purchased, neighbors, pets etc.). Regardless how the pest gains entry, once inside can multiply rapidly under some conditions. Even reasonable cleanliness can help so much in pest control. Sooner or later, living in Florida, with a pest service or not, you will see a pest eventually.

  2. Every pest sighting is a do it yourself project: Again absolutely positively false! Slick marketing of aerosol sprays that allegedly kills bugs is plain and simply lying to you. To elaborate, pesticides for simplicity sake are basically classified in 2 categories, repellant and non-repellant. Repellant insecticides we know are mostly those aerosol spray cans. Repellents work this way. For example, you see ants or roaches on your counter top and you reach for your can of “bug spray” and blast them. Some will die on the spot, but if the target pest scurries away, and lives often times they become immune to it. In the aftermath the area you sprayed you don’t see any more pests and you proclaim victory. All you did it reality is made the area you sprayed toxic ( to your pests) so they in fact avoid ( or are repelled away) the area. In a couple days to weeks later the toxicity wears away and now you see the issue again, why? Repellant insecticides are not a wise option for long term control, it will not work that way. Some short term control may occur, but the long term will not work. Early diagnosis of an issue done correctly, can lead to amazing results. And that is not found in a spray can. These products are touted as a miracle cure that is an absolute lie. Baits and non-repellant formulations are the proven methods to achieve results.

  3. I signed a contract for a pest control company and it’s unbreakable: False False False! Large companies want you to commit to a service contract some for one year, and some the epitome of absurdity two years. The reasons vary from company to company, but one for sure reason is to predict revenue. We experience this in other ways say for example cell phone contracts. The difference is like the agreement for a phone, is you are contractually obligated to or pay cancellation fees to get phone for less money. Simply they distribute your money in a different way. The typical pest control company has a “contract” to attempt to lock you in, but the main difference ( read the fine print) if are current on your bill, you can cancel anytime without worries about your credit To be fair, all companies are required to store information on customers name address and what is used in or around their homes, and agreements are a common thing. The reality is they won’t tell you it IS in fact breakable or transferable.

  4. A family based pest control company is somehow “less trustworthy” than a larger one: False! All pest control companies are regulated by the State and Federally, all pest companies are required to keep records on their clients and what chemicals ( if any) that are used. The truck (or service vehicle) is regulated by information on the vehicle, size of letters, phone number etc. All companies are required to carry large policies for insurance and liability. All companies use chemical compounds that are expensive, we all pay the same gas prices or increases. Bottom line we all have similar expenses, the main difference is branding and marketing raises expenses. The Family based business, relies on service, word of mouth, grassroots campaigns for sales large companies spend tons of money to promote themselves, and they pass those dollars on to the customer. Any marketing campaign is likely less than 10% yield. Therefore 90% of the marketing dollars are recouped somewhere. YOU

  5. The only pest control service I need is outside only and inside on request: True and False! Yes, you CAN survive with an outside service and inside on request as it is euphemistically called, from a convenience standpoint a lot easier. (You don’t have to be home each time) and for some people that works. From a control standpoint, for the most part it is true the invaders are from the exterior ultimately so that kind of service will work for many people under ideal conditions (clean house, trash removed, very few gaps, cracks in the home etc.) However, on the flip side if these ideal conditions do not exist, you could struggle. DBW feels it’s a better value for YOU, to do inside each time, we believe if we do that we are giving you a better service and better control. So why do some companies push that agenda? Simple economics, less time at each home, the more productive an employee can be. If in and out service is done each time, larger companies get less homes done in a day. YOUR satisfaction is less important than driving the revenue. In our opinion the one that loses is you.

  6. I have a company now and I asked about the chemicals and was told it’s a trade secret: FALSE! That is a violation of State and Federal Law, the customer has a RIGHT to know what is being used and what risks are involved. The reality no matter how it is spun, is you are in the midst of poisons being applied, the real truth is yes most are very very low toxicity. BUT you are at risk if the applicator makes poor decisions; no poison is 100% safe if applied incorrectly. That’s why applicators are REQUIRED to have State Id cards for pest control, AND required to have the Material Safety Data Sheet and Labels on the vehicle if needed. You can always ask for credentials to see, and ask for what is being used to treat your home or business, you have a right to know. Any company who refuses to reveal their so called “secret” is in violation of the law. At the end of the day we all use basically the same chemicals, so much for their secrets.