Roach Control

Roaches are a constant area of concern in our tropical and humid climate in Florida. Roaches in their simplest form are omnivores which means they will eat or attempt to eat nearly anything, especially thing we don’t typically equate with as a food source. Besides the obvious, they have been known to eat rat poison ( which does not kill them rat poisons work on a different principle) , hair in our drains, toothpaste, soap, cardboard, glue, and similar products. In short, roaches are probably the perfect insect in that they can survive in extreme conditions. They don’t need a great deal of food and produce hundreds of thousands of offspring in their lifetime in the best of conditions. Roach control involves a multi-step process of inspection, treatment and control, and vigilance. Cleanliness is a major contributor to roach control. Some roaches are more complicated to control than others and small things really do matter in the area of cleanliness. Keep in mind to control something you need to think like them, ask yourself what can a roach eat in my home? Some examples include debris in kitchen sink drain, the plumbing, and food. How about crumbs from our toasters, the gap between the stove and the counters where things tend to fall and collect, or the underside of our refrigerators where it is warm and where the water pan is located? Diaper pails, cat litter boxes, garages, outdoor sheds etc.!

At the end of the day, roach control is possible in Florida! Call us today at 727-998-1927 for a plan to solve your roach problem!