Ant Control

Ants are a relatively common and yet very annoying issue in our state of Florida. Ants range from small to large and eat a varied menu of foods. Therefore, ant control requires an inspection, as control methods vary depending on species. Ants are successful creatures in part due to their communal lifestyle in that they live in complex colonies where each type of a given ant has a duty within the colony. For clarity sake basically you have a queen or queens ,( which are the breeders and therefore the heart and soul of the nest) soldiers, ( which are tasked with nest defense) , and the largest group in the colony are the workers. The Workers are responsible for finding new food sources, nest repairs, maintenance, and perhaps their largest function after these would be tending too and feeding the juveniles, soldiers and queen (s). This biology is important to understand, because that is the technology behind ant baits. The queen (s) as the case might be are for the most part immobile. Their only function is to lay eggs. Once laid the eggs are carefully moved and tended by the worker ants, they are fed by the workers as well. Worker ants also feed the soldier ants as the defensive pinschers on soldier ants prevent them from gathering food for themselves. Since worker ants transport food and constantly repair the nest and gather food, granular ant baits are highly effective for exterior ant control, the workers literally bring the “food” to the depths of the nest, which ultimately destroys the colony. Food whether poison or not is passed on to fellow ants by a mouth to mouth process called trophallaxis . The transfer process is important to understand because to control the ant colony it will take a period of time to be effective.

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