Rodent Control

Rodents are a major area of concern everywhere, but is magnified in climates found in the southern states and Florida is no exception! Rodents are a concern for many reasons, they are natural chewers, they will chew or attempt to chew almost anything. Often we find them chewing our wires in our homes which is an obvious fire hazard. We find them in our homes eating our food and leaving behind tell tale droppings. These droppings often spread diseases. Rodents are often challenging to control and often difficult to remove permanently from your home. Another major area of concern is the fact that rodents have a very short gestation cycle and can produce an enormous amount of offspring in less than one year. In the real world, left uncontrolled rodents will out breed control methods and oftentimes IF the structure is not inspected and maintained properly.

As far as control this is NOT a do-it-yourself project. Weather you choose to call us or not DO NOT get rat poison packets or blocks and indiscriminately throw them around, or in your attic. Not only is it unsafe to do so, doing so could have unintended consequences. We offer poison ( commercial) and non –poison ( residential) control methods.

Please don't wait until the rodents are out of control, we offer a variety of methods to solve your rodent issues. Call us today at 727-998-1927!