Stored Product Pest (Pantry)

Stored product pests are sometimes known as weevils. They infest our pantries or anywhere we keep these products. In order to control these “pantry” pests one needs to understand them. These very small insects which are in fact beetles, infest our products and usually by the time we notice them it is way out of control. This insect is not a cleanliness issue, rather often a packaging or rotation issue. In our modern day weevils begin their lives in our grain silos and warehouses. Our processed foods can be stored for long periods of time. These products are many, but for clarity, products often infested are anything in the flour, cornmeal, rice, crackers, cereals, pastas, dry dog and cat food, nuts, spices, cookies, snacks, bread crumbs, popcorn etc. It is important to understand these beetles are not an invader from the outside they are in fact an invader from within the closed or opened package.

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